About Be Eat Full and the Ojibwe Baker

Treats as unique as the people that eat them





​Desserts designed by you, for you. 

Looking for something for a special day or event? You've come to the right place. 

Be Eat Full offers cookies, cupcakes and cakes that can be totally customized. From elegant to whimsical designs and a selection of flavour options, Be Eat Full is a great choice for birthdays, baby showers, the holidays, an engagement party, an anniversary or even a casual celebration. 

Beautiful desserts that are thoughtfully designed with custom details by YOU!

A place where you can let your tastebuds do the talking and your creativity design your order. 

Go ahead, Treat yourself!


My happy place is in the kitchen. An early morning with my favourite tunes, a cup of coffee and flour covered counters, that's where I'm happiest. 

My love of baking has evolved from a hobby to working in several Toronto bakeries including Prairie Girl Bakery, Sweet Seduction Bakery & Sugar Loaf Bakery and Cafe, to eventually setting out on my own. Over the years of taking custom orders I have yet to meet someone who wanted the exact same thing as someone else. People's taste buds seem to have their own personalities. So, I have set forth on a mission to provide beautiful, thoughtful and customizable treats that are as unique as the people that eat them.

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